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Josh Von Staudach
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Where others might employ a single panorama photo, Josh von Staudach opts for triptychs. And despite splitting the image into thirds, he does not simply capture nature in mere sections. On the contrary, his work does justice to the vast expanse of the horizon. Von Staudach’s pieces depict the manifold nature of the sea, both touching and powerful at once. These photographs are very immediate, bringing us under their intensely peaceful spell with their enormous depth.

The wonders of nature are not for us to decipher. Nature holds secrets that Josh von Staudach adeptly finds and captures. At the same time, the “threefoldness” of his pictures is very terrestrial. Von Staudach presents unique, constantly changing hues and an opportunity for meditation.

Bridges 360°

Bridges are strongly symbolic. They can help overcome borders or lead to a new life. Josh von Staudach’s Bridges 360° depicts Europe’s bridges as we’ve never seen them before. The photographer approaches the fascinating structures from more than one side and captures them in their entirety – a nearly impossible undertaking, but one he succeeded in nonetheless.

The photographer transformed Europe’s most beautiful bridges – including the Suspension Bridge in Glasgow, the Eiserner Steg in Frankfurt, and the Makartsteg in Salzburg – into breath-taking 360° views. Von Staudach’s photographs are impressive in their technical precision, imaginative execution, and special atmosphere. The unreal perspectives von Staudach uses broaden our view in that, the far side of the bridge is brought together with the near side. By seemingly bending the steel girders, two – or sometimes three or four – paths lead to the peaceful city on the horizon: a promising destination.


Stuttgart-based artist Josh von Staudach creates new dimensions in his photographs. He plays with visual conventions and shows how one standpoint is not enough to capture reality. As an artist, he is very open to all of the modern means of image editing. He is drawn to the unusual, to “that which was never there”. For that reason, he is also dedicated to extreme photography in which he positions his camera in exceptionally inaccessible locations and develops techniques for radical macro and telephoto pictures. Von Staudach’s pictures have featured in countless exhibitions and publications all around the world.

Closeness and distance, haze and reflection – I want to pack all of that into a picture.
Josh von Staudach



For the extraordinary 360° view uses in the Bridges 360° series, von Staudach uses special photo equipment. Using a special panorama tripod-head, he rotates the camera around a center point to create urban panoramas that maintain vertical congruity.

The different individual elements are put together into one big, new scene. This work requires intensive planning and preparation. Von Staudach photographs his urban landscapes with a large depth of field – every detail, every layer of the photograph should be visible. For him, “out of focus” is not an option.

A New Way of Seeing

In contrast to his crisply detailed bridge photos, the images of the sea are softer in focus, almost blurred. Their strength lies in the interplay between colours and surfaces. In his Mallorca travel notes from February 2007, von Staudach describes the moment he first came upon this technique: “Pictures by Gerhard Richter and Hiroshi Sugimoto are projected into my mind’s eye.

“My eyes discern distance and closeness, colours and blending, haze and reflections. I want to pack all of that into one picture. I turn the camera and press the shutter. The display reveals the remarkable results: what I’ve seen is there. The surroundings paint their light and colours through the digital chip. With the turning speed and angle, I can frame the image and create the subdivision of surfaces. This is it: softness and tranquility, no focus, no details. Calm, profound, meditation. It grips me. This is how I will portray the island.”
1964born in Stuttgart
1978  Purchase of first reflex camera, set-up of a darkroom
1985Freelance graphic designer
2001–03Multimedia-productions for CD-ROM, photo and graphic animation; Commercial and architectural photography, photo conceptions and development of visual languages
2004 Begins first panorama photography, specialization of equipment
2006Extreme photography (on the television tower, building cranes, in industrial buildings, in civil defense structures (tunnels, bunkers) or in an industrial gas storage tower). Nature photography. Experiments with macro-panoramas
2007Workshops, conferences, lecturer on panorama photography and digital image editing
Development of moving panoramas, landscape photography;macro- and tele-panoramas; multi-row single image stitching for extreme resolution

Awards (Selection)

2011Master of Contemporary Panoramic Photography, IVRPA, Portugal
Silver at Epson Pano Award

Exhibitions (Selection)

2013Winterbilder, Schacher - Raum für Kunst, Stuttgart, Germany
Josh von Staudach – Penny Lane and Surroundings, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany
Surrealistic City, Medienhaus, Friedrichshafen, Germany
2011Hier und Jetzt, Kunstbezirk im Siegle-Haus, Stuttgart, Germany
Josh von Staudach – Kleine Werkschau 2007 bis 2011, Rathaus Stuttgart, Germany
Raumwelten, Schacher – Raum für Kunst, Stuttgart, Germany
International Panoramic Photography Festival, Palmela, Lisbon, Portugal
Ausstellung der Künstlergruppe Gegenlicht21, Galerie Zukunftslabor, Stuttgart, Germany
2010Ausstellung der Künstlergruppe Gegenlicht21, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany
Josh von Staudach – Kleine Werkschau 2007 bis 2009, Textilmanufaktur Augsburg, Germany
20093D-Performance Turn 360, Creativity World Forum Ludwigsburg, Germany
SchauGenau, groupshow at Matthaes-Verlag Stuttgart, Germany
Josh von Staudach – Mallorquinische Horizonte, Sparda Bank Heilbronn, Germany
2008Landesschau, permanent panorama installation at SWR television studio, Stuttgart, Germany
2007Ganz viel Stuttgart, permanent panorama installation at the town hall Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
panorama projection at the opening of the Stuttgart trade fair, Stuttgart, Germany
Fokus 0711 – Fotosommer, Rathaus Stuttgart, Germany
Affordable Art Fair, New York, USA
Stuttgart extrabreit, 8.7 meter wide panoramas of Stuttgart at night und five other motifs, permanent exhibition in the public spaces of the Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg, Germany
2006Kraftwerk Münster, five large-format panoramas, permanent exhibition in the schooling and conference rooms of the EnBW Kraftwerks AG, Stuttgart, Germany
Herbst 2006, Tele- and Macro-Panoramas of Stuttgart parks, Bisle & Partner Law Firm, Vaihingen, Germany
Stuttgart unter Kränen, 360° panoramas, STEP Businesspark Vaihingen, Germany
Gaisburger Gaskessel, three large-format panoramas, permanent installation in an administration building of EnBW Regional AG, Stuttgart, Germany
2005Stuttgart dreht sich, installation with four computers, interactive panoramas and time-lapse films, 4th Stuttgart Culture Night in the Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Books/Catalogs (Selection)

Cover of LIFT Stadtmagazin; since then regular editorial contributions, 2005 
Half-page story about artist and panorama photography, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 2005
Several page report about the Tag der Architektur, Deutsches Architektenblatt, 2005 
Teilpanorama Baudokumentation, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 2006
Brochure and book “50 Jahre Fernsehturm,” SWR, 2006
Full-page story about the artist and his work, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 2006
Städtisches Magazin Stuttgart baut, 2006
Full-page story about real estate in Stuttgart, Welt am Sonntag, 2006
Panorama photo, Welt am Sonntag, 2006
Book, Stuttgart feiert die WM, Neuer Sportverlag Stuttgart 2006

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