Living Room Wall Art

Art for your Living Room Walls

When you're sitting with your family, relaxing together on the couch, or entertaining guests, living room art can make or break the room. It sets the tone for your living room, and helps give it the kind of atmosphere you're looking for. Scroll down to read our tips on decorating your living room, and explore our exclusive collection of living room art.

Living Room Art Guide

Finding the Right Place to Hang your Wall Art

Living Room Wall Artworks by Christophe Jarcot and Luc Dratwa
Living room art: Christophe Jacrot: West 50th, Luc Dratwa: DREAM IS NOT OVER

You know you need some art on your living room wall. But how do you figure out where it goes?

Firstly, think about where the furniture is. A popular place for living room art is above the sofa, or over a chest of drawers. This way you create a stimulating interplay between artwork and furniture.
Open wall areas are ideal for larger art prints. The focus here is on the picture, without the distraction of furnishings, lamps, or whatever else. Ideally, you want the middle of your picture to be at eye level. If you spend most of your time in the living room seated, consider hanging your murals slightly lower, giving yourself an optimal view of your wall art from a sitting position.
Also think about what the height at which you hang and artwork says about both the piece and the room itself. Is your living room close by to your bedroom? Hang it lower, which has the effect of letting your eyes skim across the room as you sit or stand, without strain.

Leaning Your Living Room Prints on the Wall

You don't necessarily have to hang and mount your wall art! An alternative to classic hanging is to place the picture on a chest of drawers or on a shelf. You can even place it directly on the floor and lean it against the wall. This opens up completely new possibilities for the placement of your picture - and you save yourself the drilling.

Living Room Wall Art: Stephanie Kloss: Palm Springs City Hall (Albert Frey)

Stephanie Kloss: Palm Springs City Hall (Albert Frey).
@______sebastian – via Instagram

Living Room Wall Art: Olaf Hajek: The Great Egret

Olaf Hajek: The Great Egret.
@igorjosif – via Instagram

Living Room Wall Art: Man Ray: Le Violon d'Ingres, 1924

Man Ray: Le Violon d'Ingres, 1924.
@lumas_budapest – via Instagram

Find inspiring ideas for arranging your art in our article on art hanging tips.
Tip: test different potential arrangements by cutting out a piece of cardboard in the shape of the pictures you want to hang.

Living Room Prints: From Mini to Oversized

Living Room Wall Art: large prints
Oversized art in the living room: "Birkenwald 3" by André Wagner

Depending on size and shape, art will have different effects on the atmosophere of the living room.

Don't be afraid to present large format art in your living room. Their capacious dimensions draw the viewer directly into the scenery depicted, and have a wonderful effect on a room, even when the space is limited. They give the room more depth, and expand your optical horizons.

This effect is especially noticeable in landscape photography, which opens windows to distant places.

Living Room Art in grid hanging arrangement
A living room "gallery wall" with artworks by Heiko Hellwig

An alternative is an arrangement of various small prints. Depending on the available space, you can combine as many works as you like to create an appealing wall arrangement. Are you unsure which works will harmonize on a living room wall? Sets or series can make the selection easier, because they are already coordinated with each other. Our LUMAS "Selections" – sets of three Minis by some of our most popular artists – are a great choice if you are unsure how to mix and match!

With the checkerboard gallery wall arrangement, you line up pictures within a single grid scheme. Wondering how to make disparate themes, sizes, and colors cohere into a single harmonic arrangement? We've got a secret: placing different pictures in the same frame gives the impression that they're a sort of family, whether or not it looks like their themes are related. Framed prints are a way to customize and enhanve your choices for multiple works within a single arrangement, or to give your artwork pride of place in your decor scheme. Check out our page on framed art for more tips and an introduction to our framing options!

Vince Poole Living Room Art: Cut Outs
Too much like hard work von Vincent Poole (l.), Sprawl von Kate Shaw (r.)

In addition to choice of sizes, we offer art prints in various shapes and formats - from single pictures to triptychs.

A panoramaic art print draws attention to long, empty walls, and is a particularly appropriate format for landscape and city prints. In this way, photographer Rudolf Rother stages the impressive panoramas of the Swiss Alps. The American Larry Yust forms his digital panoramas out of up to a hundred individual images, resulting in stunning cityscapes all over the world, from Cuba to Asia and the American West.

Particularly special are our round prints and cut-outs. The Australian artist Kate Shaw creates psychedelic landscapes in her round and panoramic prints, which shimmer in neon, pastel and glitter. René Twigge's floral compositions are particularly inspiring. Bring color into your living room with life-size silhouettes by Vincent Poole!

Living Room Art in All Colors

Living Room Wall Art
Colorful living room art: "Arpoador Rock" by Rogério Reis

In addition to the right place and the right shape and size, the color of the prints plays a decisive role. Depending on the choice of color, the same room can have a completely different atmosphere. It is therefore worth considering what mood you want for your living room.

Discreet or conspicuous? Let your personal taste guide you in the color question. Some people prefer restrained colors, and others can't get enough color!

According to aesthetic theory, red art stimulates. Yellow art stands for optimism, activity, and warmth. Choose these colors for an upbeat mood.

Do you want a quieter environment? Blue artworks and green artworks radiate serenity. Discreet skin and earth tones also have a calming effect. While intense and rich colors stand out in the room, prints in pastel shades are more subtle.

Black and White Living Room Art
Living Room Art by Man Ray

Black and white art, by contrast, complements colorful living room walls by presenting stimulating contrasts.

Color isn't contained to your artwork. A frame made of neon acrylic glass lets the work shine in a new light and sets a modern color accent in your living room. Check out the dynamic creations of Rogério Reis.

Pay attention to your wall color when choosing your mural. One option is to keep your wall arrangements in a color family. To do this, coordinate your wall color with the colors of your print and frame. Alternatively, you can create a thrilling dynamic through contrasts. We recommend having a look at some of the color-specific tips in our colorful art page; or reading our expert guide to color in art and shop of art by color.

Choosing the Right Themes for your Living Room

Living Room Art Ideas
Claudio Gotsch: Aug um Aug, Stephanie Kloss: O.T. (Matterhorn)

Abstract or representational, modern or classic? Our portfolio comprises thousands of art prints in a wide variety of themes. Our collections include everything from photo classics to bright and colorful art that gives your room a luminous vibe. The following section will help you choose the right motif for your everyday viewing pleasure.

Bring your favorite season into your living room with a mural specific to that time of year. The beach prints in our summer collection takes you to sunny shores all year round. Our snowy winter art creates an enchanted atmosphere.

An unfailing choice for your living room is ocean photography. Simultaneously thrilling and soothing, these prized artworks will take your breath away. Discover the dramatic atmospherics of Ray Collin's blue waves against dark golden skies, or a powerful crashing wave in black and white by Tim McLenna

Ideas for Living Room Art
Ed Freeman: Cactus Acstraction 04, Alexander Straulino: Pool

These days, the sofa might be replacing the corner office. Explore our guide to home office wall art to discover ways to design your living room workspace with fine art, and check out our curated collections of office art!

Our figurative art collection applies the spirit of representational art to our corporeal selves. Nude art draws us in with endlessly fascinating depictions of the erotic form.

Abstract photography adds complexity to your living room decor. Since there is no object in focus, the viewing experience depends on a harmonious interplay of forms and colors. When choosing an abstract photograph, go with your gut, and choose a work which draws you in right away!

Considering a more comprehensive room-by-room redecoration? Or just looking to spruce up a few different rooms at the same time? Explore our pages on bedroom wall art and kitchen wall art, which are filled tips and ideas on color, space, hanging, and more!

Planning Your Living Room Style

Nothing reflects your personality as well as your furnishing style. Discover below our suggestions for different style options and be inspired by the creations of our customers under #MYLUMAS!

Minimalist Modern

If you live simply and prefer the aesthetic of minimalist art, our modern acrylic artworks are a perfect match for your living room art plans.

Living Room Wall Art: Wolfgang Uhlig: 39° 33' 49.5'' N 2° 38' 29.5'' E

Wolfgang Uhlig: 39° 33' 49.5'' N 2° 38' 29.5'' E.
@lumas_saudiarabia – via Instagram

Living Room Wall Art: Bence Bakonyi: Urban landscape IV.

Bence Bakonyi: Urban landscape IV.
@lumas_riga – via Instagram

Living Room Wall Art: Larry Yust: Havana, El Malecon #8.

Larry Yust: Havana, El Malecon #8.
@lumas_russia – via Instagram

Closer to Nature

Do you feel most at home in nature? Then we recommend our collections of flower art and nature art.

Living Room Wall art: René Twigge: bloom v7.4

René Twigge: bloom v7.4.
@tastybudapest – via Instagram

Living Room Wall Art: David Baker: New Forest Dawn

David Baker: New Forest Dawn.
@lumas_riga – via Instagram

Living Room Wall Art: Berthold Steinhilber: Bastei, Elbsandsteingebirge

Berthold Steinhilber: Bastei, Elbsandsteingebirge
@lumas_saudiarabia – via Instagram


Are you drawn to the throwback look? Take a trip through the world of photo art, and explore our photography classics

Living Room Wall Art: Christopher Pillitz: The Spirit of Tango III, Buenos Aires

Christopher Pillitz: The Spirit of Tango III, Buenos Aires
@lumas_russia – via Instagram

Living Room Wall art: Werner Pawlok: House of Magali - Havana

Werner Pawlok: House of Magali
@lumas_saudiarabia – via Instagram

Living Room Wall art: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer: Kate Moss

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer: Kate Moss.
@lumas_russia – via Instagram


Living room wall art featuring travel and vacation themes takes you away to distant destinations

Living Room Wall Art: Werner Pawlok: San Miguel y Aguila I

Werner Pawlok: San Miguel y Aguila I.
@lumas_canada – via Instagram

Living Room Wall Art: Michael Himpel: Villa Carlos #2.

Michael Himpel: Villa Carlos #2.
@myroost – via Instagram

Living Room Wall Art: Jonathan Chritchley: Li River, Guilin, Study 2.

Jonathan Chritchley: Li River, Guilin, Study 2.
@goodlinkagency – via Instagram

Gallery-Quality Art for Your Decor Needs

Get inspired by our exclusive photo collection, and discover the right decoration for your living room walls! We set the highest standards for our photographic prints. Our acrylic glass prints are a long-lasting alternative to classic canvas paintings, oil paintings on canvas, or other low-quality reproductions or prints. In our galleries or our online shop you will find high-end photography prints, face-mounted under high-tech museum-grade glass, where they are protected from dirt and other harmful elements. Cleaning your art is simple as day: wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth.

Each piece in our collection is specially chosen for its ability to unite fine art with your decor needs. For more curated artworks, and tips and ideas on how to select art for your bathroom, kitchen, or dining room, explore our home wall art guide!

Curated Selection of Living Room Artworks

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