An Art Staycation: Travel Art for Your Walls

Take a trip to the world's most inspiring locations, without leaving the comfort of your home. Our curated selection of artworks featuring travel themes has the power to bring the power and intensity of special destinations into your home. Explore our special selection, and experience the thrill of travel all year long!

Sunshine and Spindrift

Bring the beach and the pool into your home. With these artworks, you can enjoy the warmth of summer and the freshness of the sea, regardless of whether the sun is shining or the clouds are breaking.

An Artful Summer

Cities Around the World

From the classical beauty of Veince to the cosmopolitan energy of Berin or London, our collection of city artworks are shot through with history, and full of flair. This is the intense feeling of urban life, available to you every day of the week.

The Cosmopolis in a Heartbeat

East Asian Themes

East Asia is a space characterized by lightning quick development and harmonic cultural motifs. Experience some of these features through our selection of the pulsating metropolis of Tokyo and the colorful markets of Bangkok, or the contemplative quiet of Shinto shrines or still, wide-open rice paddies.

East Asian Themes

  On the river by Vladimir Proshin
On the river
Vladimir Proshin
A$ 3,390
  The Thousand Gates by Peter Stewart
The Thousand Gates
Peter Stewart
from A$ 1,999 to A$ 4,690
  Island Sky by Hengki Koentjoro
Island Sky
Hengki Koentjoro
from A$ 649 to A$ 1,199
  Bangkok Bazaar by Peter Stewart
Bangkok Bazaar
Peter Stewart
from A$ 1,999 to A$ 4,690
  Spiritual Utopia III by Rui Camilo
Spiritual Utopia III
Rui Camilo
from A$ 1,599 to A$ 4,990
  Pine Forest II by Nathaniel Merz
Pine Forest II
Nathaniel Merz
from A$ 1,599 to A$ 3,290
  Jungle Fall by Tirta Winata
Jungle Fall
Tirta Winata
A$ 1,999
  White shadow by Jiwoon Pak
White shadow
Jiwoon Pak
from A$ 1,049 to A$ 1,699
  The Return by Tatiana Gorilovsky
The Return
Tatiana Gorilovsky
from A$ 899 to A$ 2,290
  Koya-San, Holy Mountain by Olivier Föllmi
Koya-San, Holy Mountain
Olivier Föllmi
from A$ 1,999 to A$ 3,990
  Augmented Reality by Xavier Portela
Augmented Reality
Xavier Portela
from A$ 1,049 to A$ 3,190
  Bora Bora II, 1967  by Robert Lebeck
Bora Bora II, 1967
Robert Lebeck
from A$ 849 to A$ 2,490
  Look Left Look Right Remix by Nancy Lee
Look Left Look Right Remix
Nancy Lee
from A$ 799 to A$ 2,290
  Meoto Iwa by Michael Levin
Meoto Iwa
Michael Levin
from A$ 539 to A$ 2,099
  Rooster by André Arment
André Arment
from A$ 949 to A$ 1,999

Nature is at once vitalizing and calming. Bring this dynamic directly into your home with our selection of landscape art.

Landscapes to Fall in Love With

  Divina by Ysabel Lemay
Ysabel Lemay
from A$ 1,999 to A$ 8,990
  The Garden by Jens Hausmann
The Garden
Jens Hausmann
A$ 1,499
  Via Appia by Helmut Schlaiß
Via Appia
Helmut Schlaiß
from A$ 1,099 to A$ 1,999
  Tiroler Grauvieh by Ramona Waldner
Tiroler Grauvieh
Ramona Waldner
from A$ 1,399 to A$ 3,390
  Birkenwald XI by André Wagner
Birkenwald XI
André Wagner
from A$ 1,299 to A$ 2,990
  Weststrand, Darss by Berthold Steinhilber
Weststrand, Darss
Berthold Steinhilber
A$ 4,190
  Lucent by Roman Johnston
Roman Johnston
from A$ 1,499 to A$ 2,990
  Bergwelt by Claudio Gotsch
Claudio Gotsch
from A$ 1,499 to A$ 2,990
  Ibises & Zebra by Pat Swain
Ibises & Zebra
Pat Swain
from A$ 1,099 to A$ 2,990
  Red Petals by Tessa Traeger | Trunk Archive
Red Petals
Tessa Traeger | Trunk Archive
from A$ 1,399 to A$ 2,690
  Pienza Emerald by Peter Adams
Pienza Emerald
Peter Adams
from A$ 749 to A$ 1,999
  Barranco del Rey 33 by Gerhard Mantz
Barranco del Rey 33
Gerhard Mantz
from A$ 1,099 to A$ 1,999
  Secret Garden by Sven Fennema
Secret Garden
Sven Fennema
from A$ 1,999 to A$ 3,390
  In The Land Of Loki by Barry Cawston
In The Land Of Loki
Barry Cawston
from A$ 1,599 to A$ 3,290


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